You're ready to do the work! 

You're driven, heart-centered, successful, and so grateful for what you have... but at the end of the day you can't ignore the burning desire in your heart that you WANT MORE!

You're so busy juggling the responsibilities of family, the entrepreneurial hustle, or your demanding career that your not sure how to fit anything else in?

You’re smart, you know exactly what you need to do, but it feels so freak'n hard when the motivations gone, you bodies tired and shoulders aches.

You keep pushing and striving because you know that there is no passion to be found in playing small - but if you don't do it it's just not going to get done.

When you finally take time for yourself it feels like you're taking time away from somewhere or someone else knowing that you putting something off that's not going done 

It's time to shift...

It's time to reboot, recenter and reignite your passion before the burnout..., overwhelm robs your joy or you get so busy that you begin loose sight of what you desire.

Before we go any further there is something you need to know... I'm not your typical coach! I infuse my God-given talents and abilities will all of my background and experience as an  Embodiment Specialist + Master BodyMind Coach +  Yoga Instructor + Massage Therapist + Business Strategist + Speaker.

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I'm Fidel (aka Fidezzle)

I've worked with thousands of men and women, (entrepreneurs, coaches, and retreat leaders, to stay at home moms with successful side hustles) to tap into boundless motivation, thrive beyond stress, live their purpose, and reach BodyMind peak performance with sustainable success. 


"Fidel has a wonderful way of helping me turn negatives into positives! I am so glad I decided to take the Body Mind Coaching program from him. I am learning so much about myself and what keeps me from being my best. Fidel is helping me set a beautiful new course for my life!"

Nan C.

Are you ready to create aligned shifts in your life, relationships and business that don't burn you out, but honors your heart in alignment alignment?

About Me

"Fidel is truly a gift to the world! I've never had coach or therapist listen to my needs and actually follow through with every little detail, accustomed just to me! He's professional, respectful, genuine, and the whole experience was completely unique! I cannot recommend him enough."

Katie Van Brunt
San Diego, CA

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