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The Graceful Hustle Bundle

Creating the feel-good body, mind, life and business without burning out.

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You're A Game Changer

So you need something that is going to change the game.

You have a vision, passion and purpose, but you also have family, responsibilities, and life... So how do you do it all, stay energized, motivated, and stay on top of your game? I got you covered!

You're about to unlock the secrets to creating boundless energy, more time, fulfillment, sustainable success, and greater impact (without burning out).

The Graceful Hustle Bundle

Because it's not always about what you do, but how you do what you do that matters. 

Here's an overview of what's included:

Hustling with Grace Master-Class 

How to hustle with grace, create more impact, and have sustainable success without burnout.

Renew Your Spark Restorative Meditation

Get out of your head, renew your mind, and connect with your body, passion and purpose

Self-care BodyMind Mini Toolkit

Empowering BodyMind movement practices, yoga flows, drop-in pass to virtual yoga class and a special bonus surprise. 


Hi, I'm Fidel

Empowerment Coach • Business Strategist • Motivational Speaker • Yogi • Bodyworker • Wellness Expert • Retreat Leader 

I teach impact-driven entrepreneurs, heart-centered leaders, and men and women with purpose how to live everyday with the SPARK – create more time, impact, energy, fulfillment, and sustainable success and hustle with grace.