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Victoria Gingrey

"I've been going to Fidel's class for a handful of months now and I look forward to seeing him and being present for myself every week! Not only is his hot yoga class extremely beneficial and nourishing, Fidel is a fantastic massage therapist and champion for us! I can only describe his abilities as magical! I leave every class feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle my week. Thank you, Fidel!"

Wendy Bathgate

Just did play date yoga with Fidel for the 2nd time. Nobody better than a father of 4 who really gets it to help you get a bit of calm

Jennifer Smith

I got invited to last night's class by a girl friend of mine and I have to say, it was the best yoga class I've been to. I've been to quite a few classes since high school and I can't pin point whether it was the vibe from the class, the amazing workout, or the way you taught your class but it was an incredible experience. I'll definitely be going to many more, it was a great class to start off my week. Thank you! - Jennifer Smith

Yoga at the Beach

Beach Access # 15 (New Bern Ave)
Surf City, NC 98344

In Studio at Holly Ridge

Ignite Your SparK With Fidel
325 Sound Rd Suite 206, Holly Ridge, NC 28445