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Massage By Fidel 

Igniting the spark and the way you want to feel

"It's nothing like you've ever experienced before"

See why Fidel is the #1 saught out massage therapist and get's booked around the country.


After one visit the pain I had been experiencing for months was gone.

"I have had MANY massages and Fidel is absolutely the best! I was having chronic head and neck pain (I sit at the computer daily), I tried everything from cutting my hair off, going to my doctor, etc. My friend referred me to Fidel and just after one visit the pain I had been experiencing for months was gone. I now go back monthly because he truly has a gift. !"

Amy Goodwin

You know it's time. I bet that you've been crushing it all week and doing the best you can with what you've got. Taking care of all the things isn't easy, but now this gets to be about you...

It's time for you to rejuvenate!


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There is a lot I bring to the table


Each session is tailored to you in the moment. Experiential and results-driven. 


You get it all with no extra charge for add-ons or specialized modalities.

BodyMind Approach

Holistic integration to be empowered in body and in mind.

Two sessions with Fidel and my symptoms are relieved 

"I have been living with Stage IV breast cancer and constant pain for 10 months. Two sessions with Fidel and my symptoms are relieved. I recommend his fusion services to everyone."
– Beth Fairchild


I'm not your average massage therapist! 

Hi, I'm Fidel. I'm your badass stress remover, pain-relieving, miracle-working, mindset-shifting, passion-reviving bodyworker, Massage Therapist, Somatic Relaxation Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and BodyMind Coach. I'm also the creator of the Fusion Massage, and Massage Yoga Fusion.

I've given 1000's of massages to people all across the country (even internationally ). I know how help you kick stress and pain to the curb, have long-lasting results, feel your spark again, and be on top of your game!  

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90 minute Intro Session 

If you're new to the Fusion Massage and would like to get a feel for what it would be like to work together. We'll slow down to have a deeper conversation about your stress/pain and goals, curate together the best approach to your massage, set bodymind intentions, walk away equipped with tools to build on your experience. $150 ($200 value)

Let's start personalizing your sesssion

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If you need a fix me upper, or just time to relax and reconnect, then this rejuvenation session is designed to provide you with the focused attention needed. During your session, we’ll get clear about what you need to work out the kinks, set intentions for how you want to feel, and embody it all with a personalized sixty-minute massage. $125


IThis extended rejuvenation session is Fidel’s favorite. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and in need of the extra space to detach from all the stress, aches and pains, then this is for you. During your session we’ll get clear about where you are feeling stuck and identify how you want to feel, you’ll receive a ninety-minutes personalized massage to give all of you the undivided attention to working out your pain points, maximizing your rejuvenation and get you in tuned with your spark. $185

Thai Fusion

It's like getting a rejuvenation massage and doing yoga except Fidel does the work for you. This rejuvenating and invigorating experience combines rhythmic movement, a series of assisted yogic adjustments, deep passive stretches, and therapeutic massage. Thai Yoga Therapy is not just physical, but improves the connection between the body and the mind by balancing the energy pathways through the body. It's a clothed session and takes place on a thick comfortable mat on the floor.  Sessions are $125 and $185

Fusion Massage + Steamy Wonder Spa

Reboot & Recover

Do you need to be renewed on the deepest level? Your personalized massage session is enhanced by including a full body herbal and essential oil infusions to restore the body inside out. As you relax in the Steamy Wonder Spa your body is working hard to eliminate toxins and burn fat. 

You’ll burn up to 600 calories and eliminate excess fluids in just one session. Not only does this healing treatments detoxify, but it helps with sore joints, arthritis relief, fibromyalgia, weight loss, cellulite, and lymphatic drainage, and beautifies the skin.

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I have had 1000's of massages all around the world and Fidel is by far the best gift I have ever given myself. His combination of techniques is magical. Don't believe me, give him a try and I promise the only regret you will have is that you didn't find him sooner."

Susan StPierre, NY CEO


Fidel is ahhhmazzzing!! I was in bad shape when I went to see him. His massage techniques are very unique, tailored to fit your specific needs. I was on Cloud 9 after my session! Fidel is very skilled in his craft, very spiritual, and just a truly wonderful human being! You will not be disappointed!!"

Mindy Wood 


"Fidel is truly a gift to the world! I've never had a coach or therapist listen to my needs and actually follow through with every little detail, customized just to me! He's professional, respectful, genuine, and the whole experience was completely unique! I cannot recommend him enough."

Katie Van Brunt


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