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Are you feeling stuck at home, stuck in the same routine, and starting to feel stuck in your body. We are about to shift that. Yoga with Fidel is about freedom, creating the way you want to feel, and creating a life of overflow. 

"It felt like we were in the same room even though we were hundreds of miles apart."

"I’ve been at retreats and yoga sessions with Fidel in person and he has this amazing energy. I appreciated how the energy remained and that it still felt like we were in the same room even though we were hundreds of miles apart. I loved that it was a simple process to set up and that I could choose to be seen or not (which was a bonus because I had a busy morning with my daughter and I showed up to my mat with bed head)Araina - NYC

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Jennifer Smith

I got invited to last night's class by a girlfriend of mine and I have to say, it was the best yoga class I've been to. I've been to quite a few classes and I can't pin point whether it was the vibe from the class, the amazing workout, or the way Fidel taught the class, but it was an incredible experience. I'll definitely be going to many more, it was a great class to start off my week. Thank you!

All you need is a mat. Scratch that, all you need is to show up.

Showing up for you is all it takes. Once you show up I'll take care of the rest.