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Coaching & Empowerment

VIP Customized Coaching

Looking for ongoing support, mentorship and assurance that you'll not only stay on the right path, but move forward? With a customized on-to-one get the support you'll get exactly what you need for your business, health, self-care or relationships.

Breakthrough & Strategy Intensives


Wellness Intensives

Self-Care Day

Discover the real root of your stress, shift how  it's showing up in your body, mind and life and take inspired action. You'll physically undue the stress,  embody the rejuvenation, freedom and relief you would love to have to go from good to great!

Fusion Massage & Bodywork

An array of hands-on body-mind approaches (Eastern and Western holistic approach) to holistically release pain, stress, get you rejuvenated and reinvigorated. 

Yoga Empowerment

Align your body and mind so that you can physically move forward, get out of your head, into your body and tap into your greatness. 

Retreats & Live Events


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