Yoga With Fidel

"I've taken yoga classes on and off for several years. Hands down best class I've ever been to! I left feeling relaxed, clear minded, and much happier than when I got there. Thank you for such a great yoga session! I'll definitely be back "

Yoga Fusion

Invigorating full-body flow (vinyasa) with a balance of strengthening, flexibility and rejuvenation. Several styles of yoga, mindfulness and other mind-body therapies are combined into a unique flow and synchronized with the breath. It’s grounding, energizing, rhythmic and fun. You’ll feel like you were challenged just right, practiced meditation and ready to take on the life with more patience, focus and ease. 

Haselwood YMCA, Fridays at 10:00 am (75 minute class)

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Playdate Yoga

Classes are customized in the moment to the moms in the room (and the brave dads' that show).

It's a NO PRESSURE and lifestyle environment. That means you can nurse your baby when they get fussy, change a diaper or let your toddler run around with the other kids in a designated play area.

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Paddleboard Yoga Fit


Located at the Haselwood YMCA, Tuesdays at 9:45 am

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Take all the calm of yoga, and all the movement and sounds of hip-hop, and combine them. While listening to a hip-hop soundtracks, we'll dance, move and practice some calming and celebratory yoga. Great for every level!

Partner Yoga & Massage

Couple Massage and Yoga Workshop with Fidel will transform the way you and your partner connect!
When you learn how to give the perfect massage, how to flow with the  body, without getting tired, you literally have the power in your hands. Fidel instructions guide you through step-by-step approach to working out the kinks and the way the experts do it while enhancing the way you connect with each other.


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