You're capable of so much more 
and you know it!

You have vision, passion and purpose and want to live everyday to the full. You want grow, amplify your impact, feel amazing in your body, and have sustainable success... but you're so dang busy! Your shoulders are constantly tight, you need more time,  more energy, a way do all the the things, and have a sustainable success without burn out. That's where I come in.

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I work with entrepreneurs, heart-centered men, and women to ignite the spark in their life, body-mind, and business – After all it's all connected. I empower them to kick stress to the curb, thrive in their work without burnout, and live everyday with more presence, power, and grace.  

How do I do it? I combine all of my experience as a Speaker, Master BodyMind Coach & Business Strategists with my background as a Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor.

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Ignite your Spark every week

Join the Facebook group for mindset, coffee talk, motivation, and physical movement to have that spark and be the difference throughout the week.

So what's possible...

Just lean in a little closer. I know you are grateful for what you have, but there is a part of you that wants more. More energy, more peace, more ease, more impact, and plan on how to actually have it all(without doing it all). I've got you covered! Everything from personalized and group programs, to self-study courses, self-care offerings and live events.

You see, going big doesn't actually require you to do more or going bigger and burnout is not a requirement for success. One small shift in your body, mind, life, and business can IGNITE THE SPARK – be the "difference maker" between good and great, pain and freedom, going from where you are now to where you want to be?
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Private Coaching

Because you are capable of so much more and you don't want to do it alone.

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Self-Care & Wellness

One-to-one self-care intensives and experiences to reset, refuel, and reignite. 

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Hold nothing back

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The Embodied Entrepreneur

Everything you need to create sustainable success and live in overflow

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Mindset & Motivation

Stay inspired, tuned in, and motivated so you live on purpose with purpse

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Movement & Self-Care

To get out of your head, into your body, and feeling good about life

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Structure & Accountability

Action combined with the right community makes you unstoppable

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Coaching & Support

From someone who is walking the talk and seeing the greatness within.

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Yoga With Fidel

Because what you create on the mat, shows up off the mat

Let's Namaste
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"Fidel has a wonderful way of helping me turn negatives into positives!  I am so glad I decided to take the Body Mind Coaching program from him. I am learning so much about myself and what keeps me from being my best.  Fidel is helping me set a beautiful new course for my life!"

Nan C.

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"Fidel is a wonderful combination of motivator, teacher, student, energy shifter and overall quality human. His retreat was a wonderful experience and I would recommend working with him in any modality that appeals to you, as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, coach...he is amazing!"

Patti Mordecai

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"I've been going to Fidel's class for a handful of months now and I look forward to seeing him and being present for myself every week! Not only is his hot yoga class extremely beneficial and nourishing, Fidel is a fantastic massage therapist and champion for us! I can only describe his abilities as magical! I leave every class feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle my week. Thank you, Fidel!"

Victoria Gingrey