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Thrive beyond stress, live your purpose, create sustainable success, more impact, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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You're meant to do BIG Things...

And you don't have to be stressed out, overwhelmed, living in pain, hustle harder with a jam packed schedule that doesn't have any space for you to breathe.

I know you are driven, you've worked hard for what you have, and your grateful, but let's get to the point... you want more!

You want to feel like you can take on the world (mentally and physically), be on top of your game, create more impact, and enjoy your day without guilt of feeling lazy, pressure to do more. 

Hi, I'm Fidel (a.k.a. Fidezzle)... and you can have it all!

I've worked with men and women, from entrepreneurs, coaches, and retreat leaders, to stay at home moms with successful side hustles) to tap into boundless motivation, thrive beyond stress, unlock the power to heal themselves, live their purpose, and reach BodyMind peak performance (with sustainable success... you don't want to burnout when your on top of your game)

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Why Me?

It's quite simple really. I infuse my God-given talents and abilities will all of my background and experience as an Embodiment Specialist + Master BodyMind & Life Coach + Yoga Instructor + Massage Therapist + Business Strategist.

I've done the work

Like you, I'm passionate, a badass, and strive the best my best. I'm not afraid to get messy, I know what's like to desire more, commit to somethings greater than myself, sacrifice, support my family and live out my faith.

About Me

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Experiential Retreats & Transformation


"Fidel is a wonderful combination of motivator, teacher, student, energy shifter and overall quality human. His retreat was a wonderful experience and I would recommend working with him in any modality that appeals to you, as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, coach...he is amazing!"

Patti Harris Mordecai
Business Owner - Eastern, NC

"Fidel is truly a gift to the world! I've never had coach or therapist listen to my needs and actually follow through with every little detail, accustomed just to me! He's professional, respectful, genuine, and the whole experience was completely unique! I cannot recommend him enough."

Katie Van Brunt
San Diego, CA

"I've been going to Fidel's class for a handful of months now and I look forward to seeing him and being present for myself every week! Not only is his hot yoga class extremely beneficial and nourishing, Fidel is a fantastic massage therapist and champion for us! I can only describe his abilities as magical! I leave every class feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle my week. Thank you, Fidel!"

Victoria Gingrey

"Fidel has a wonderful way of helping me turn negatives into positives! I am so glad I decided to take the Body Mind Coaching program from him. I am learning so much about myself and what keeps me from being my best. Fidel is helping me set a beautiful new course for my life!"

Nan C.

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