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So you want to go from good to great and work with me one-to-one? I'm excited to work working with you too! Here are a few ways we can get started,





Private Coaching


Wellness & Self-Care

Private Retreats & Events


I'm not your average coach, yogi, motivational speaker, and holistic practitioner. I combine all of my background to create personalized experiences so that you live your best on every level.

Breakthrough & Strategy Intensive

Intro session to unlock the creative juices, clarity, and ignite the spark that will allow you to embody the next level. 

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VIP 1-1 Private Coaching  Program

Personalized one-to-one program with a BodyMind approach to creating the shift for you to go from good to great.


BodyMind Self-Care & Wellness

I only work with a hand full of clients at a time in this capacity 

Fusion Massage & Bodywork

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Private Yoga + BodyMind 

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Self-Care Private Retreat

Personalized crafted experience to be renewed, refreshed, and reignited. Locally or some amazing location in the word

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